Life Support for the Procurement Process

Why Oxygen Electronics Is Your Essential Supply Chain Partner

Manage Your Supply Chain Risk

Oxygen’s time proven procurement process and trading history eliminates RISK from the purchasing process.

Incorporation of AS5553 Standard into our business processes and Component Compliance Verification ensures that we are taking every measure to mitigate the risk associated with procurement of components on the Spot Market.

Reduce Component Cost and Cost of Acquisition

Exclusive Access to Electronic Component Inventories: Browse our extensive Line Card, Download our Inventory, or View our Excess and Consignment Programs which all equal stock for immediate delivery.

Knowledge: Our proprietary data and data systems enable our staff to understand Pricing trends, historical availability, and a myriad of other factors ensuring we can always negotiate the best pricing!

Eliminate Procurement Problems

Process: Our in-house-designed fulfillment process ensures that every transaction is handled identically every time! It is this consistency which enables Oxygen to continually improve our levels of customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality: Our stated company goals are to continually improve service, meet ISO Quality Certification, and implement innovative tools like Brokerlynx to protect you from substandard product quality and counterfeit parts while ensuring full traceability on all transactions!

Advocacy against Counterfeiting: Oxygen Electronics is committed to fighting counterfeiting. You can download our educational brochure on how to spot counterfeiting and the very latest list of counterfeited parts from

Increase Productivity

Superior Process: Our proprietary U-Shaped Process integrates every aspect of a transaction, including outside partners, to ensure that the job is done right, while minimizing your vendor database.

Oxygen Customer Center and Part Search Features: If all you need is price tendency, visit Pricelynx. If you need a comprehensive history of YOUR transactions, visit our Customer Center. And if you are just curious, use our Part Search features!

Components Available from Oxygen Electronics
EV224V thumb 3429-6203 thumb HCPL-2631 thumb C0422200UF25V thumb

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